the pig farm

The pig farm

Our farm is located in the mountainous region of Lampini, in Rethymno Crete, away from human settlements or other activities. The untouched landscape, with its low, bushy vegetation is ideal for organic stockrraising. In the 170 acres of the farm there are rocky parts, left in wilderness and small plateaus that we use for the cultivation of the grain used for feeding.

The pigs grouped according to their age, live in the open. Little, movable huts are used for shelter. The pigs are free to move into their space, the graze, they dig, they do whatever keeps them happy. We rotate the land used the keeping of animals, allowing it to recover in a natural process.

The animals are fed exclusively on certified, organic products: grain, fruits and vegetable. We also use Greek herbs such as oregano as a mean of protection from diseases.

We don’t interfere in the animals’ live-circles: everything happens in nature’s way. They are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones and steroids. The young ones are weaned at the age of two months and are left to grow in their own pace.

A very pleasant surprise for us was the development of a new micro-environment in the region, since the establishment of the farm. The cultivation of formerly abandoned land and the planting of young oaks attracted partridges and hares. Also the vultures, the largest Cretan bird, skares as they are called, have already made their appearance.