Our History, Our Philosophy

vavourakisThe estate begun in 1995 by Michalis Vavourakis, a Rethymno based mechanical engineer, as an amateur occupation. Soon his love for nature and land and his faith to organic husbandry lend to the creation of the pig farm, that became the “Vavourakis Farm S.A” .

In 2002 we were the first in Greece to produce exclusively organic pork meat and cold cut, certified by DIO, the official control and certification authority for the production of organic livestock products.

Our farm is located in the Lampini area, in the mountainous mainland, away from settlements, in an untouched landscape. The animals are kept in the open air and little removable huts provide them shelter. They are free range and fed a certified organic grain, roots and wild pasture in the farm.

According to the rules of organic stockraising, and our beliefs about the animals’ well being, we don’t use antibiotics, added hormones and steroids.

Our aim is to make the farm fully sustainable, so we try to cultivate the more grain we can.

ktima vavourakis 2Our meat is either freshly packed or processed to ham, parizaki (cooked salami) and Cretan type sausages and Apaki- the traditional delicatessen. We believe in healthy, natural food, so we don’t use additives and conservatives in our products. We pack in vacuum in order to keep the freshness and ensure safe transportation.

We rely on our respect to nature, to the principles of organic farming and to our efforts in order to make high quality products that combine tradition and contemporary knowhow and meet the needs of healthy diet.